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Sialagogue Herbs

Natural Sialagogue herbs

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Sialagogue Herbs

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Sialagogue Herbs

Sialagogues can be used in the treatment of dry mouth, to stimulate any functioning salivary gland tissue to produce more saliva. Herbs with this property help to promote the flow and secretion of saliva to aid in the digestion of starches.

The use of sialagogues is aimed at improving the patient's digestion and appetite by increasing saliva production. Many also increase gastric secretions and are often classed as stomachics.

Sialagogues are also found among the "Bitter" herbs. Sialagogue treatments work locally on the taste buds and are often administered in the form of tinctures or powder. Using pills, tablets, and capsules will bypass the taste buds and render the application ineffective.

While considering the use of herbs bear in mine the following, each individual plant has many different actions, and each of these actions maybe altered by combining different herbs. Close study of the actions of each herb will improve your skill understanding of how and why these herbs work.

Some Sialagogue herbs include

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