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Anticatarrhal Herbs

Natural Herbal treatment of
inflammation of the mucus membrane

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Anticatarrhal Herbs

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Anticatarrhal Herbs

Anticatarrhal herbs are herbs which help dissolve and eliminate, as well prevent the formation of mucus and inflammation of the mucus membrane. It is a symptom usually associated with the common cold and chesty coughs, but can also be found in patients with infections of the adenoids, middle ear, sinus or tonsils.

Herbal anticatarrhals work in a different, safer way than anticatarrhal drugs and can help relieve much of the discomfort associated with the condition known as catarrh. Anticatarrhal and decongestant herbs work to clear the stasis (a state in which the normal flow of a body liquid stops).

The word "catarrh" comes from the Greek "katarrhein": kata- meaning "down" and rhein meaning "to flow."

Pulmonary tonics work directly on the lungs and chest and are particularly effective in treating congestion.
Herbs that are considered to be anticatarrhal include

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