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Alterative and Depurative Herbs

Restorative and Blood Purifying Herbs

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Alterative Herbs

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Alterative Herbs

Alteratives are considered useful in altering body chemistry gradually and enhance better overall absorption and assimilation of nutrients. In the 19th century, alteratives were understood as blood purifiers. Alteratives are currently used to promote lymphatic flow and to stimulate the detoxifying functions of the liver.

Herbs with alterative properties stimulate gradual changes in metabolism and tissue function in acute and chronic conditions and increase overall health, energy, vigor and strength. Alteratives are similar to tonics, which help both the overall system as well as aiding particular organs, tissues and cells.

Alteratives and depuratives are indicated in cases of a condition known as cachexia and a similar condition known as dyscrasia, displaying a loss of vitality and strength, loss of appetite, weight loss, and general debility, usually during chronic disease like so called "wasting diseases" such as HIV-AIDS and cancer.

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